Novan Language

For books 9 through 13 there are a lot of mentions of the Novan Language, how it came to exist and why the Novas speak it. So for book 13 TS:Starchild when Caelan returns to the Nova Realm, he takes the time to learn how to speak Novan, and I took the time to write up the Language using a combination of northern European and Scandinavian languages with Latin.

According to Ira, the ruler of the Nova Realm, the language came up from the ground when the hosts of the field spoke their words into it. The hosts must have been from these northern European countries, and Ira knows that he was the one who spoke English into the land, and Irwin–the last host–spoke Latin into it. Most of the Novas speak English, but it is the Novas in the southernmost regions that speak primarily Novan.

Quick Rules:

Make words plural by adding I (ee) to the end, if the first letter is a vowel add e (ay)

Simple pronoun conjugation:

I, Me We,
You You Túi
Him, Her, it Hann, Henne Them, They Síad
 My, mine  Mo Us Uz

Simple Being verbs


Erit—AIR-reet—have, has


Ert—AIR-t—are (sing. Er) being v.

Er—AIR—Is, Am being v.


Novan Script.

Nova language


Abhaille—Ah-vai-yuh-lay—place, home, sanctuary

Abhainn—Uh-Vine—river n.

Æramen—AI-rah-man—A copper colored metal used to make inexpensive unstamped coins n.

Aes—AY-ehss—brown, copper n.


Ahuíle—Ah-hyuh-lay—away adv. Ant.; Ghuíle (Kh-hyu-lay)

Aisl—AI-sel—Dream v. (Aisler—am/is dreaming, Aislert—are dreaming) v.

Akavuille—Ah-kah-ffyu-lay—want, will, desire

Alltid—ahll-tidt—always, forever

Amhic—Ah-mih-ck—Son (p. Amhace)

Apa—Ah-PAH—Father n.

Arigtú—ah-rreeg-too—thank you

å stå—ah-stah—able to, can

Beídh—bay-dh—will, desire to, bid, bade


Biabhóige—Byah-V-oy-Geh—a rhubarb like stalk plant used in jams and as a substitute for meat n.

Bia—bee-uh—food, nourishment.

Breá—Bur-ay-yuh—motherly or fatherly love, disciplinary love, sacrificial love

Buí—Byu-EE—yellow n.

Bánpiros—Bahn-pee-roh-ss—Pink n. adj.

Bán—bahn—white n. adj.

Bénbhom—Bane-vom—Request, petition

Bé’om—Bay-ahm—may, can, request

Bíddu—bee-doo—wait, patience

Búza—Byu-szah—a stalk plant that grows large seed pods similar to corn.

Cabhrú—CAW-Vhroo—help, aid v (Cabhrúr, Cabhrúrt)

Cad é—Cah-deh-ay—what



Caillte—Kai-l-CHAY—lost n. adj.

Cailín—Kai-leen—bird, girl n.

Chnagadh—Kheh-nah-gah-t—crush, grind, break down v.

Ciel—See-ehll—blue n. adj.

Cosi—Coh-ss-ee—Legs (s. cos)

Cruinniú—Kroo-ee-NEE-yuu—meet, introduce v.

Cælum—KAI-lum—heaven, sky n.

Darcha—dahr-KHA—black, darkness

Den—dt-ehn—it, this, these

Det—dt-eht—that, those

De—day—of the, from, out of

Dióta—de-oh-tah—idiot, fool, stupid


Drikke—dr-EE-kay—drink v.


Dási—Dah-see—sell, vend, distribute, trade




Eile—Ai-leh—other, another

Elv—Ehl-ff—northern most river that borders the north

Előtt már—ell-ott-mare—already




Erit—have, has


Ert—AIR-t—are (sing. Er) being v.

Er—AIR—Is, Am being v.

Ésaki Partján—Eh-Zak-ee Par-ZHahn—the northern-most trading town near to 9-A and B prop n.

Et—ay—and, also

Eá—Ay-yuh—love, like, pleasure,

Fear—Fay-rr—boy, son

Feur—F-yu-rr—Far, distant, adj. (Feruley—farther)

Firaon Cearta—Fee-rahn-Say-ar-tah—a deep gorge running between Vitæ de la Noctæ and Slēibhte Thoir that is used as a slavers route


Flie—flee-uh—fine, alright, fair



Focal—Foh-cahl—word n. (p. focali)

Foraoise Theas—For-OW-zee Thee-ahss—used loosely to describe the southern region and the southern-most town prop n.

Fra—Fr-ahh—from, delivered

Fánas—Fahn-ahss—a magical creature with the ability to sing that looks like a bipedal deer with a humanoid torso. This creature is revered in the southern region and feared as it is very dangerous. n.

Fårekjøtt—Fay-reck-YOT—term to describe the meat of a bovine creature with reptilian features n.

Gardet—Khar-det—close it, close that

Gefá—geh-fah—give, impart




Ghíle—Yih-lay–darling, dearest

Glas—Gl-AHH-ss—green n. adj.

Goene—KH-Oh-ehnn—gone v.

Goer—KH-oh-ayrr—is going (Goert, are going) v.

Goe—KH-Oh-ay—go v.

Gæl Ásene—Gay-l Ahs-ehn-ee—the largest city and nearest colony to Lucis de Cælum. Prop n.

Halda—hall-dah—keep, hold




Heitte—Hay-ee-tay—heat, hot adj..



Hest—Hes-ST—an Equine creature with reptilian features and long fur used by nobles for transportation n.

Hiníon—Ee-nee-ohnn—Daughter n.



Í—ee—in, within, into, to

Iasc—EE-ahs-CK—fish (iasci p. EE-ahs-CK-ee) n.

Invloed—In-flow-ed—influential, big, potent



Itheann—EE-tay-ahn—eat v. (itheanner, itheannert)

Iuvo—EE-zhoo-VOH—please n. v.

Já—EE-zhah—yes n.

Keihalo—key-ha-low—emperor, king, god

Kommer hou—khou-may-rr-hhoh—come again, return

Kommer—Khou-may-rr—come, arrive, appearing


Kovász—Ko-VAZ—yeast, leaven, sourdough

Kyrtill—Keer-till—dress, clothes n. and v.

Kövesse—Khou-Veh-say—follow v. (kövesser, kövessert)

Loch—LOH-kh—lake, pool, stationary water

Lucis de Cælum—Loo-sis day Kai-Lum—the center of the Nova world surrounding the cherry tree. Prop n.

Lygue—lai-kh-yu-ay—lie, falsehood

Líomóid—LEO-moy-dh—a lemon like citrus fruit n.

Madainn—-MUH-dine—morning n.

Mear—Mah-rr—fast, extremely, greatest

Med—Meh—with, by

Moma—Moh-MAH—mother n.

Mo—Mouh—My, mine

Mé—muh—I, Me

Mór duit—Moor-doo-EE—need n.

Natís—Nah-tee-ss—birth, pregnancy, born

Natí—Nah-tee—Children, kids

Neibeidh—nay-bay-dh—will not, no desire to, forbid

Nei—Nay—no, not n.

Nálgun—NAHL-goo-nn—Touch, feel v.


Níos Fearr—nee-oh-ss Fay-er—better adj.

Opphold—Oh-p-Hoh-lr-t—stay, remain, hold fast

Panabhaille—pahn-ah-vai-lay—bread house, bread shelter


Phœ—F-OH—foe, enemy, adversary

Piros—Pee-rroh-ss—red n. adj.

Práta—Prah-tah– a potato-like starch vegetable that is orange n.

Pónairí—PO-nai-ree– a brown string vegetable similar to string beans n.

Ren—rr-ehnn—Clean adj. (Rensli, v. Rensle  p. v.)

Rhan—R-ahh-n—Run v.

Sed—she-dt—but, however

Segja—seg-yah—say, speak


Siselinn—See-say-leen—name of a southern trade town

Slēibhte Thoir—Slay-VH-the THO-ahr—the second largest city and one of the eastern-most towns prop n.

Sokára—so-kah-rrah—quickly, soon, sooner than expected

Sorglegt—sah-rr-ck-leKHt—sad, unhappy, hurting

Sorg—sah-rr-ck—sadness, pain

Stand—st-ahh-n-t—stand, walk

Suelatte—swell-ah-tay—saw v.

Suelá—swell-ah—see v.

Sunt—-SOO-nt—able, (state of being) v.

Svangur—ss-VAN-ger—hungry n. v.


Sykur—sai-gur—sugary crystals made from Búza stalks.

Sárkány—Sarr-kay-ñ—formal eastern dialect Nova name for Dragon. Riley Sárkány, is the third emperor of the Nova Realm, elected by William Halo. His name, Sárkány, is a popular word for dragon throught the Nova Realm, originating from the east. prop n.

Síad—S-yeh-d—them, they



sózott—So-sow-T—an edible mineral with a salty taste used for meat preservation.  n.

Sølv—Sol-F—A silvery metal used for coins that is generally stamped on one side as money, or used for making weapons and tools. n.


stad—stat—stop it!

Sú craobh—Soo kr-OW-vh—edible red berries that are common throughout the Nova world n.

Súile—Soo-EE-lay—eyes n.

szereleá—Say-ray-lay-ah—make love, sex

Taka—tay-kah—take, receive aquire

Tarrtháil—tah-rr-thay-ll—Rescue, help v.


Thuaidh Balcóin—thoo-AI-dah B-ahl-CON—a formal private gathering place prop n.

Thuaidh—thoo-AI-dah—north, north facing

Thuiscint—too-iss-ent—understand, know

Tú—TOO—you (Túi p.) pron.



Utázo—yuu-tay-so—travel, walk a distance


Uíle—yu-ee-lay—all, entirely, completely

Vesper Arva—Wes-pay-r AHR-Fah– used loosely to describe the western region and the largest western town prop n.

Vire—feer-eh—fire, flame

Virist—feer-ist—similar to, seems like, like

Vitæ de la Noctæ—Vee-tai day lah Nock-Tai—a trading town near to Vesper Arva prop n.

Vloed—flow-ed—big, large in size,

Volo—Voh-loh—fly v. (Voler, Volert)

Væng—W-ay-eng—wing (Vængi p.) n.

oráiste aldinmauk—Or-ay-stee AHL-din-mow-kh—a bitter orange jam made from a kumquat like fruit n.

ovn—Off-ven—kiln or stone oven


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