“The Butterfly” TS:Trust’s Anticipation


For a while, before they left Irwin found his way into the mess hall during lunch time—having skipped breakfast after sleeping in—with a little less than a hundred Shadows around him. It was over stimulating to him but he enjoyed himself as they jeered him loudly as he played his violin for them.

It started out with the request of one Shadow who had seen him with his violin. At first he denied but eventually he agreed to it. It wasn’t like him to go back on decisions, unless it involved his violin. He started out slow, trying not to let Ira control the mood of the song and allow as much optimism into the song as he could.

It had a decent pace, an interesting pattern and gave Irwin a small smile. Ira quickly synchronized with him allowing the two of them to work together to form a song. Irwin never played songs from paper, he always made them up as his feelings portrayed creating hundreds of songs for every emotion he couldn’t express in his body.

As he played the Shadows clapped and banged on the tables, at one point a Shadow brought out a guitar and joined him. He smiled warmly as his song began to build momentum. He enjoyed matching his rhythm to the thrums of the guitar in both pitch and tempo.

“Play Faster!” someone yelled among the crowd. Irwin did so, slowing some at first then speeding up and throwing off the guitarist for the sudden speed. But the clapping and tapping and banging on the tables never ceased. He caught sight of Mark within the Shadows clapping with them. The guitarist caught on and they heightened the song again.

Irwin’s body swayed and danced with his playing, his feet complemented the clapping, and his hair flew in his face where he was trying to focus on the frets. His fingers moved on their own though, he knew his violin like an extension of his body and it meant everything to him.

He cleared a space around him to dance as he did, as his body mirrored every note he played, his arms, his legs, everything down to the broad smile on his face. This feeling was everything to him, both he and Ira in unison dancing with the Shadows, making so much noise. Irwin felt he had broken the laws of the Novas again since it was clear this song and commotion was heard throughout the ASH.

Irwin let into the song a final burst of flavor and emotion, creating a lovely atmosphere which he left behind as with a swift stroke raising the pitch the song was completed. Irwin laughed brightly, ringing like a bell, he dizzied a bit merrily as the other Shadows helped him. He denied their help, “I’m fine! I’m finer than I’ve ever been!” he chanted, having to say this many times.


Excerpt from:

THE SHADOWS: Trust’s Anticipation

Book 5

Chapter 10 “The Next Part in the Whole”

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