Kickstarter Campaign Announcement

I’m happy to announce that my overhaul of THE SHADOWS: Fire’s Hope my year long labor of love, is finally finished and ready for editing. Now, I need your help to fund the publishing process and bring FH to the world as professionally as possible. My goal is to raise $2,500 before September 2017, so that I can have it ready by Christmas. I plan to launch this Kickstarter Campaign next week! So tell everyone you know and get them hyped for THE SHADOWS!

I’ll have tons of rewards alike prints, framed posters, and mugs available for anyone generous enough to give $50 or more, but if just 200 gave $10 this project would be funded! And anyone who donates will receive a copy of THE SHADOWS:Fire’s Hope when it is published!

To celebrate the complete overhaul of here’s the prologue of FH and the revamped first chapter!

TS:Fire’s Hope Prologue and Chapter 1


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