Kickstarter Update!!

The Kickstarter has almost come to a close, and though online I haven’t received enough backers, I have still been working my butt off over the last month to put together the money and I’m happy to say we have reached our goal!

Thank you so much to those who pledged, and to those who had their heart set on certain Shadows goodies, not to worry, most of them are available in my DeviantArt prints shop. I still hope to release Fire’s Hope this winter, and I’m optimistic while attempting to be realistic with this projection.

So what now?

I’m still working through my self-edit of FH while shopping around for an editor who won’t make me broke in the process. I still intend to use for their self-publishing platform and I’m excited to get the process going this October. I’m hoping to do most of the process myself, and even went as far as registering my own publishing company to self-publish my own books which I’m incredibly excited about.

So what else is happening?

I finished writing book 13 TS:Starchild, thus concluding the second book series, and I have begun scribbling up book 14, TS:Dragons on Skye. I’m hesitant to post any excerpts since there are just so many spoilers for the last series, but at the same time the new characters are super adorable. I have no life… I have been reduced to writing furries… please love me… *ugly crying* I’m still especially excited about this book because for the first time I’m going to have six dragons in the Shadows.

Ira - DoS - ShadowsDragons on Skye temp cover

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