Week 3: BIG NEWS! + Character Sketch

TS Character Sketches

Exciting Times!

I wanted to announce a new series of blogs ahead. In addition to my fun little recipes and movie reviews I’d like to provide five character studies for my main characters! But first a little update! A lot of things have happened last week!

I spent all of last weekend drawing these five character sketches and I got started on the cover for TS:Restoration! It finally has a cohesive idea prepared.  See below!

And as for the big news I teased on Instagram! Fire’s Hope finally has an editor! After a long stressful search, I finally found an editor and we’re going to get right to work! I still don’t have solid release dates down but I’m aiming for publishing FH by winter 2017-18. It’s a little later than I projected but it’s finally happening!

Work in Progress of TS:Restoration cover. Shown: Nymph and Iszeldier

Week 3: Mark Halo

Using a character sheet I created for all my books, here a character study of my Protagonist. You can find the character sheet available here: How to Build a Solid Original Character

Mark sketch - ShadowsName:   Marcus Ezra Halo                         

Notable Nicknames/Aliases: Mark, Nova Liberanti      

Primary Story:  THE SHADOWS: books 1-6

Age:  14-19       Birthday:  11/6/2015       

Hair Color:           Black with red strands   

Eye Color:      Cherry red          

Species:  Shadow     

Parents:  Marissa and January Halo         

Other Notable Physical Characteristics:   Mark has red strands of hair in various places through his hair, notably between his eyes, and on top of his head. He started growing out his hair in TS:Lævatein’s Choice and keeps it in a ponytail. Mark has a weak back, and poor eyesight in his right eye.     

Powers/Abilities:               Shadow Fire—class two, Pyrokinesis, the ability to control, make, and manipulate fire, appears unnaturally red. Shadow Strength—class three, inhuman stamina and strength of will not necessarily physical Strength. Shadow Feather—Class two, ability to materialize twelve foot red feathered wings. Shadow Love—class three, the ability to manipulate one’s thoughts, will, or actions.         

Fighting Style:    Sword Play, fists and feet      

Preferred Weapon(s):    Lævatein—sword of Strength, red and gold rapier.    

Other Notable Skills/Hobbies:     Drawing, Painting, video games, RPG MMO games.    

Prominent Personality:   Hotheaded and passionate, Mark doesn’t easily let something go once he’s set his mind to something. He can generally see through deception easily, but he hates when people lie to him, feeling helpless to change hearts and minds outside of burning things and yelling.       

Background Information: Mark’s Shadow was dormant until he was fourteen when he learned about Shadows and how to control his abilities.      


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