Week 4: Intense Editing!

The Intense Editing starts today!

I’ve organized with my editor that we’re going edit two chapters at a time and talk over the edits weekly. Today we’re going to knock out the first two chapters of Fire’s Hope and make them absolutely perfect. There are now three full binders of FH! I think I’ve done the most work on these two chapters, but I’m excited to get moving through the rest of the book, it needs work but it is my love.

Sorry for the bit of delay this Thursday, I’ve been at editing all day! Without further ado, there’s this weeks character sketch! By popular request:

Week 4: Silverstonarellena

Sil has been a fan favorite character from the beginning, and I took a poll on Instagram to find this still holds true! I’m using a character sheet I created for all my books, you can find it here:  How to Build a Solid Original Character

Sil sketch - Shadows


Name:   Zachary Andre Addison                 

Notable Nicknames/Aliases:                     Silverstonarellena, Sil     

Primary Story:   THE SHADOWS books 1-6  

Age:    14-19       Birthday:     12/21/2016      

Hair Color:   White      Eye Color:  Gold      

Species:  Shadow  

Parents:  Andre and Arianne Addisson   

Other Notable Physical Characteristics:   Long wild white hair he often braids, burns scars on his face and neck, in TS:Halo’s Rag Doll his right eye turns silver and his right arm is badly scarred when he receives his second Shadow Peace.                  

Powers/Abilities: Shadow Frost—class one, ability to create and manipulate ice, affinity for cold. Shadow Peace—class three, the temperance and control of insecurity and anxiety, the ability to create and control electricity.                                  

Fighting Style:    Long range attacks with a crossbow, hand-to-hand sparring      

Preferred Weapon(s):    small crossbow     

Other Notable Skills/Hobbies:     Sil loves animals and takes every opportunity to be with his hawk, Winter 

Prominent Personality:   Cold and stubborn, Sil is hostile  towards new people and anyone he feels threatened by, however once he warms up to people, Sil’s greatest concern is the protection and betterment of others, even if they are unpleasant.    

Background Information: When Sil was born his Shadow was immediately active and it almost killed him, he was taken to the ASH and very quickly refined his powers, abnormally quick. He has caused a series of fights with other Shadows but he lost to Kip once, and was injured, he never speaks of it, but other Shadows hint at it.                

Character Changes:  Sil is introduced as cold and uncaring but he like many of the other Shadows struggle with displacement from their families, however, unlike the others he feels a connection to his family which Mark helps to bring out. Despite their differences, Sil reaches out to Mark offering him training for his Shadow in a covert manner, unintentionally inviting Mark to challenge him.            


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