Week 8: Stricken by Christmas! TAG

The last five months have been crazy, I’ve already gone on about the goals that I’ve met in the last five months, from raising the money for publishing, finding an editor, and building a small writer platform, and it shocks me to realize 2017 is coming to a close! Last fall I set goals for building my platform, participating in a local writer fair where I showed off my book covers and handed out fliers, it was a small success but it helped me get my goals straight. I got more serious about rewriting and editing Fire’s Hope and succeeded in finishing my personal final draft. However, in the summer I found a YouTube video of someone unboxing their self-published work from CreateSpace, and I fell in love with how enamored this person was to hold their book for the first time.

I wanted that feeling, I was desperate for it, so I got my goals together! I wanted to hold my book by Christmas! I did more research and determined I was going to be published by Christmas this year! So far this is the only goal I have not met, but I have learned many valuable lessons in this process. I have a clearer path before me, and I’m very excited about the new year. That being said, I’ve very excited for Christmas even though FH will not be published this year.

Now that that’s out of the way! I’ve been tagged again! Give me a moment to throw colored lights and glitter around the room and dress into my Santa costume because this one is a Christmas tag! Thank you again, Alison Haines for the tag!

So here’s the simple rules:

  • Start with a quick book description
  • Don’t use one character more than twice if you can help it
  • Tag your fellow writers! (not that I know any–forever alone)
  • Tag me so I can read and see your answers

Alright let the party begin!

I’m going to base this on my 14th book, The Shadows: Dragons on Skye because I have way too many books and way too many characters.

Dragons on Skye temp cover



Dragons on Skye introduces adoptive brothers, Honi and Darmis around the Christmas season, struggling with their identity and desperate to find more of their kind. Surrounded by Shadows and Novas, they feel alone because they’re part of a new species called the Bloodless. One a wolf, and the other a flightless, winged boy who can’t figure out how to turn into a dragon, they search out their real parents on the Isle of Skye. Guided by Honi’s innocence, Darmis has no clue what he’s getting himself into or the danger of getting involved with the Bloodless. 

  1. Which two characters are caught under the mistletoe in an unexpected kiss that is humorous, but somehow still works?

    Mark Halo and Alizaria. As the Overseer, Mark works tirelessly to cook and clean and do everything for the Shadows, especially with Irwin being depressed and completely unhelpful. Whereas, Alizaria has been dedicated to the Shadows for decades and when she sees Mark needs help she jumps at the opportunity. The only problem with an unexpected kiss, is that their age gap is intense, and for just a moment kinda creepy.

  2. Who deserves coal in their stocking this year?

    *sighs* Ira… he still deserves every bit of punishment he’s getting. He might have earned everyone’s trust but in no way has he earned any sweet gestures on Christmas. I love you Ira, but everyone else still hates you.

  3. Who forgets to buy a gift for someone, steals the card off a gift, then replaces it with their own?

    Irwin just about sucks at every form of social interaction. He’s standoffish, and quiet, but kind when he wants to be. If Irwin makes the effort to steal a Christmas card for you, it’s clear he really cares, and you better be grateful!

  4. Who regifts a gift given to them the year before?

    Honi might love everyone to death, but he doesn’t have a cent to his name, and if he did regift something of his, it would be a pair of socks that have holes now, or shoes he just grew out of. Not really helpful for Darmis, who may be younger, but still stands taller than Honi, and probably has bigger feet 😉

  5. Which character hand knit sweaters for everyone?

    Emilie. Why? She’s the only character who has ever given someone any clothes, and of course she knows how to knit, if you knew anything she was capable of that would be out of character. She does whatever she wants.

  6. Who totally blew the budget and went overboard with gifts?

    Caelan has been known to give gifts to everyone he meets. his first girlfriend got a handmade outfit, Iszeldier got an extravagant birthday party complete with a pavlova, and an expensive pair of ice skates. However, Caelan is also generally short on funds, so when he runs out of money he just steals more from Mark.

  7. Which character drinks a bit too much spiked eggnog at the Christmas party and spills a scandalous secret? Bonus: What secret do they spill?

    There’s not a lot of drinking in TS, but if anyone lost it at a party, it’d be Mark, poor guy is over 150 years old and is still a lightweight. however, instead of spilling a secret, he would be more likely to beat someone up. And by someone, I mean the guy who’s crying in a corner because he got coal in his stocking. Yep, I’m looking at you Ira. You deserve this! You hear–W-why are you running away! G-get over here! I’m gonna teach you a lesson!!!

  8. Author question #1: What are your new year’s writing goals?

    This year I want to get The Shadows: Fire’s Hope published before next Christmas. I need to complete the editing process which should take up to the first 10 weeks of 2018, I’ll run it by at least one or two more pairs of eyes, because I start my publishing process. Hopefully it’ll be February when I get everything in order. I need to continue to do more research for self publishing and self-promotion, and I hope that maybe I can publish by mid to late spring. As for TS:DoS, I’m still chipping away at this beautiful little story with my betas, but I’m staking some time to outline the next few books, and I need to push myself to start work on TS:Stealth.

  9. Author question #2: What book/books are you hoping to read this holiday season?

    I don’t really read much, and I generally fill up December with my yearly writing challenge, in which I try to write a 100 pages at least in the midst of the festivities. However this year I also have editing to do.

  10. Author question #3: Who are you tagging to do this challenge?

    I have no friends, so I tag anyone who reads this!

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