Week 10: My Christmas Child-Character Sketch IRWIN

Before I start I just realized that today, the first day of winter, is the day that Irwin officially came into the story. It was a wonderfully tragic scene but it ultimately became one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.

The Foreshadowed Character

TS:NL Irwin

Ahh, book four, I worked tirelessly to outline TS:Nova’s Love, after the outlining experiment of book 3 which lead to one of my favorite books in the series, TS:Halo’s Rag Doll I sat myself down and I remembered opening my sketchbook in the middle of Chik-fil-A to hash out my first ideas for the fourth book. This time I was going to be organized!

Through my year break in between books 2 and 3, I came up with the concept for a new central character, so in book three he is very much foreshadowed, (and overly foreshadowed in my late drafts of Fire’s Hope). The character was a gorgeous red-head, who was violent, and Mark’s arch-nemesis of sorts, but he couldn’t just kill the guy off because they were connected somehow. (nerdy drama in tone emphasized) through the outline the character evolved, and per the usual, on paper, Irwin turned out to be someone totally different than I had envisioned. He was a introverted book-worm, a lover of music, and a very quiet individual who had a completely separate personality causing him to be violent, angry, and ready to kill. This being became known as Ira. So Irwin was my very first split personality character!

I did not do much research into split personality disorders, however, what I did have some extensive knowledge and experience on was Autism. I’ve worked with special-needs kids for years, and attended some accessibility seminars. It is something I have a passion for and that bled into my writing. Irwin is portrayed as an antagonist first, in NL, Mark is prepared to fight him and kill him, only later realizing Irwin is his brother, and beginning to understand how complex Irwin’s perception on life is.

Through the rest of their relationship, Irwin has violent outbursts from seemly calm states, and incredibly introverted and slightly non-verbal personality, and Mark’s stark opposite. These contrasts are a central part of their arc, and it is Mark’s effect on Irwin that creates the being, Ira. Mark is an Extrovert, Irwin is an Introvert. Irwin is reserved and apathetic, while Mark must fight very battle with screaming and blood. Ira, though at first solely a being of rage, lies somewhere in the middle. As my primary antagonist of the second series, Ira is a whole other ball of wax, so I’ll focus on Irwin for this week.

Irwin sketch - Shadows

Name:   Irwin Kei Halo                    

Notable Nicknames/Aliases: Nova, Ira  

Primary Story:   TS:NL–current                  

Age:17 (TS:NL)   Birthday: 11/6/2015         

Hair Color: Ginger red  

Eye Color: White   

Species:  Shadow, Nova, half-human                       

Parents:  January and Marissa Halo          

Other Notable Physical Characteristics:   D-Shadow, Irwin was born with a weak heart that is rejecting his Shadow.                                

Powers/Abilities: Shadow Blaze: ability to create and manipulate fire. Shadow Feather: a pair of black feathered wings, allowing him to fly. Shadow Strength: inhuman endurance, not necessarily physical strength.                        

Fighting Style:    Swordplay, fists and feet               

Preferred Weapon(s):    Aduro: a silver rapier                      

Other Notable Skills/Hobbies:     Playing the violin, piano, and flute. Irwin also studies Latin for pleasure, and chemistry.                               

Prominent Personality:   Irwin his quiet and reserved, he can be very reclusive preferring to read or play violin rather than socialize. He has mild autism further making social interaction difficult. However, with the Nova Ira, he is very prone to anger and violence, making him quite dangerous to be around.                

Background Information: Irwin grew up in the infirmary of the ASH, he fought to stay alive when he was young, living on assistance, until he was fourteen years old, when he suffered a heart attack and disappeared, assumed dead.


Irwin is also the character I have done the most artwork for!


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