Midweek 12: LadyWulff’s Character Interview

Hello all, and welcome to 2018! Did everyone have a nice New Years? This week I’m getting my New Years resolutions written up in a workable list to follow and I will be sharing it on Thursday, but in the mean time. I have been tagged yet again by Alison Haines to do a writer tag by Jenn Walter this one looks like a lot of fun and I feel it’s a great way to start of the year.

Basic Rundown:
“Here’s the idea for this little character development exercise: Using the 15 questions below, answer them from your character’s point of view. Try to keep their voice consistent. Whether you want to avoid plot spoilers is up to you. You can also do more than one character, but again, make sure their voice is their own. Who knows, you may even learn a few things about them! Now off ya go!“- Jenn

I have so many characters, so rather than doing my main character Mark, I’m going to write this “interview” from the perspective of my Antagonist, Ira. This should be interesting…

Ira - Shadows quick sketch

Introduce yourself.
The Emperor of the Novas, Host of the Field, and former Nova of Anger, but you may call me Ira if you gamble with your life.

What do you do for a living?
I rule of the kingdom I created, the center of the Nova Realm, in which I created every last Nova alive today, designing the very cells within their body and every detail of their appearance. I grew the tree from which my castle is carved, and dug the wide river which protects my northern border. I have no use for money or wealth, for creating everything I desire is within my power.

What drives you to get out of bed every morning?
Not that I have any need to sleep, but it has been my never ending struggle to find a way to escape this prison in which I reside. It may look like I have everything, but I am a captive entity within this perfect world. I desire to be free and to leave this world with the life I have built for my Novas safe an intact.

What are your work clothes? and if you don’t work, what’s your style?
You say work as if it is a gritty thing and I would never sully my fingers with the dirt. I present myself in only the finest silks, great tapestry garments with flowing robes, I prefer deep shades of red and mahogany, gold on black, and polished onyx stones adorning every button and ornament. I arrange most of my attire myself, and I do enjoy designing various regal clothes for myself and my Princes.

It’s Friday, how do you party?
I believe what you refer to in the Human world as the “Weekend” could be better described in the Nova Realm as “Nighttime”. In my Realm, the days last a long seventy-two hours while the nights last as little as five hours. It is a time of relaxation and revelry, to drink of the finest wines a watch the servants become drunk on cheap whiskey.

Can you cook?
You’d think for one who designed the very seeds from which vegetables and fruit grow from the ground I would be able to concoct them into scrumptious meals, but alas I prefer to allow such dirty work to be done by my servants.

In an act of pity, Ira had attempted to make something vegetarian for dinner without Mark’s help since Mark had been busy, and the Shadows wrinkled their noses disgusted by the cloud of green smoke which plumed out of the kitchen. Cælan thought it was delicious, and Mark ended up making burgers and hotdogs for the Shadows, recovering what he could of the leafy-greens Ira had butchered.

The Shadows sat around the table snickering as they listened to Mark berate Ira from the kitchen. “If you attempt to cook in here again, Ira, so help me it will be cooking classes! I will pay money for your Nova ass you get cooking skills! This is completely unacceptable!” Even Irwin sat with them, laughing quietly as they all saw Ira backing out of the kitchen and escaping towards the studio.

“Ira!” Irwin called, “Get in here, he’s just messing with you!” he urged the wary Novan Emperor who wasn’t sure whether to be scared or endeared.

THE SHADOWS: Starchild chapter 9 “What They Call a Transfer”

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?
In the grand scheme of fabricating an entire world and fathering the whole Nova race, what could really be held up as my greatest accomplishment, at least I believe, is finally establishing contact with the son of the Overseer, luring him to my side, tempting him with my riches, and finally using him to exact my revenge on Irwin. It was such bliss to finally see that look of devastation and rage on his face when he learned of what I had done.

What was your childhood like?
Oh my… well I haven’t thought about that in years. I can’t quite say I had a childhood, as I was born into a fully formed body, Irwin’s body to be precise. He did nothing but repress me and in spite of my power to keep him alive, and my voluntary choice to save his life. He still abandoned me in the Field, perfectly fine with ignoring the possibility that I was still alive. I was a young rambunctious creature during my first two years, but the century I have been alone in this prison has made me all the wiser.

What season do you prefer most?
Spring and the joy I find in rebirth. I keep my world in an eternal spring, never allowing the cherry blossoms growing on the branches outside my castle to fade away. I love that sweet warmth and the pink hue in the sky when the Nova spring lingers upon the Realm. But even in my intense control, winter must still force it’s way through, and have years of endless spring, winter sometimes lasts as long as twelve months, and in that time, many of my Novas die. It grieves me to no end, but I spend the first weeks of spring reviving those fallen in winter.

How do you pass the time when you’re bored?
What does one do when all there is becomes mundane? I have been alive for a hundred-twenty years. So, when all my work is done, I usually call in a young pretty girl, and spend my noontime solace with her


What hobbies do you enjoy?
Wood carving has always been my joy in life, but once I learned how to carve from DNA and life-giving Nova cells, my work grew ever more lifelike. I have now graduated from artificially grown Novas, to fully programmable Androids, with Nova hearts and sentient minds. They are obedient and perfect in almost every way, except that their internal batteries only last two years.


What traits do you admire in others?
I quite admire a strong authority figure, a persistent warrior, and an obedient child. Though I cannot say there are any people I admire, as the sole ruler, I’m still grooming my successor, but I doubt I will ever be satisfied with his training.


Do you have any bad habits?
Ha! I never do anything out of habit. If it is good, it is good, if it is bad, so be it. Everything I do is intentional. But if I had any one tendency it would be, being a touch short with my anger.


Who is the love of your life?
I can’t say I have any one particular love, male or female, I don’t care either way. I have no need for a queen to produce heirs, as my princes were appointed, and all the Novas are my children.
If single, any crushes?
By crush are you referring to romantic interest, or someone I would gladly crush? If you insist upon the former, my dear, my infatuation lies with the young Iszeldier, the younger of my two princes. But for the latter, I long dearly to visit Irwin again… and crush his ankles.

Bonus Question: Because Ira already has all the wealth in the world, I felt this question better fit Mark. 


If you fell into a lot of money, what would you do with it?

Mark: Hide it, Bury it, buy groceries, invest in Silver, Gold, Saffron, or something that’ll double my money fast, and basically do everything in my power to keep Caelan from stealing fifties out of my wallet! I don’t have proof but I know it’s him! That brat keeps stealing money to fund his escapades with Iszeldier and I’m gonna kill him when I catch him!


Thank you for tagging me again Alison! These are always fun! See y’all Thursday with my New Years Resolutions! I’ve got a lot of stuff written up!

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