Week 12: New Years Resolutions!

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This year, I’m going to get published!

I’m a strong believer in positive thinking to motivate yourself, and last year I set out with a list of unreachable goals, most of these goals I thought were crazy, but come June 2017, some of them actually started falling together! Last summer I determined I wanted to be published by Christmas, it was unrealistic but it motivated me.

  1. become more active on social media
  2. Finish rewriting Fire’s Hope
  3. Self-edit FH
  4. make a publishing company
  5. Raise $2,400
  6. Get an Editor
  7. Self Publish

For anyone who’s done the research or published a book, you’d know those last two steps are really out there. I thought if I just got an editor I’d be done in two-months or so, but oooh I was wrong! But I was able to reach 6/7 of the steps! I’m working with a close friend to help me finish up my self-edit, and I’ve found a professional editor who will work with me in mid February.

So with a little more research under my belt, here’s my current goals for 2018 and the foreseeable time frame!

  1. From now until mid February I’m going to be spending three days a week self-editing three ways.
    • Red-penning my printed manuscript to find mistakes on paper
    • editing at least two chapters in the Word document, and incorporating edits from the printed doc.
    • Editing over the phone with my friend as my second set of eyes, and incorporating those edits during the call.
  2. During this process I am opening seeking beta readers who are interested. The sign up is available now to be put on my beta-reader list. I’ll get in touch with you mid February when it’s time to get started. You can sign up here: Beta Readers
  3. On February 14th, (setting a deadline because deadlines make me work harder) I will announce the start of beta-reading and send out a letter to each of them to try and get to know your reading preferences and speed.
    • I’ll send FH to at least five critique partners to get one final read over from new eyes.
      • print copies for them upon request.
  4. Once I receive the feedback and I’m satisfied, I’ll take 1-2 weeks to incorporate any new changes.
    • Then finally, I plan on getting in touch with my editor and sealing the deal to get the book edited.
  5. Allowing for 2 or more months, so we should be in early March when we get started.
    • I’ll reevaluate my schedule to incorporate new edits, working alongside my editor and being engaging as possible.
    • I have a note in my personal planner to “Push myself” and “Get it done!” but most of all “You made it this far! Your book is great” because all the video tutorials I watched told me I’m going to hate my book at this stage.
  6. While the book is being edited, hopefully mid March. I’m going to set up my deal with Lulu.com, the Print On Demand company I have chosen to go with. this will cost between $1000-$2000. and I’ll finalize:
    • Cover design
    • back cover synopsis
    • assigning Isbns
    • setting up accounts across book sites.
    • setting retail information
    • wholesale discounts
    • genre and category
    • and finally set a release date!
  7. Hopefully it will be April or May by now, and editing will be done. now I can:
    • format my interior
    • upload my book to the POD
    • and begin seeking ARC reviews. I pray this process will take place in June and I can finally see my book in a physical paper format on my birthday. that would be so special, and I’m going to push myself to get it done.
  8. at this point, I’m not sure when my release date will be, but from book bloggers I follow I’ve gauged it at 2-4 months. I’ll try to seek ARC reviews from sites like youtube, bloggers, and major review sites. Hopefully by this time I will be seeking ARC reviews through the remainder of the summer and early fall.
  9. During the review seeking process I’ll deal with the final formatting of the book
    • the front and back cover
    • including good reviews on the front of back to grab interest.
    • and writing a wholesaler blurb to grab attention from online sellers.
    • I’ll determine the content of the back pages.
      • acknowledgements
      • about the author with a professional author photo
      • and a sneak peak from my next book
      • as well as maybe a list of future books because I have a lot.
    • I’ll use Lulu to finalize the interior format.
  10. Finally I’ll upload the finally document to my POD company as well as the cover, title, blurb
    • I’ll order a physical proof for myself, read it, make Jo read it, cry over it, sob some more. and after all is said and done, I will finally be able to approve the title.
  11. Finally Fire’s Hope will be published!

I can’t know for sure yet, but I would really love it if my Release date fell close to November 6th, which is a significant date in Fire’s Hope. There is a lot of stuff to get done in this time frame, but I’m determined! I have a lot of books to publish and I feel like I just need to get the first one on it’s feet, but I don’t want to churn out a mediocre piece of work. I want to build a fanbase over this series and bring people to love The Shadows as much as I love them.

Here’s to a fantabulous 2018! I wish you the best of luck for your own New Years resolutions! God Bless!

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