Week 18: Valentine’s day–Last Call for Beta Readers!


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Beta Reading starts next week!

I’m so thankful to everyone who has signed up for Beta Reading! It means so much to me to see people interested in helping me bring out the best story I can! For those of you who have been following my blog, you’ll know my goal was to finish Self-Editing by Valentine’s day. I made myself an intense editing schedule, taking time to edit even when I was exhausted, and even going out of the house to edit, which I’ve never done before.

Unfortunately, in the last week I burned myself out, life happened, and while working on polishing the climax of the book I got several days behind. But, this also gives me a few more days to gather more beta readers! There’s only four chapters left in the self-edit three of which need massive rewrites.

Rather than editing my butt off on Valentine’s day, I’m taking a break, composing some emails to my beta readers for tomorrow, and working on getting to know them and their reading styles. I’m at a point in the story where I need to step back and create the best ending to the book which will build anticipation for the next novel!

I can’t wait to start working with my betas and reading what you guys think of Fire’s Hope. If you’re not on the beta list yet, please sign up! I welcome the help!


View the Q&A: Beta Readers

You can still read the first three chapters if you’d like to get to know my story a little before you join the team:

TS:Fire’s Hope Prologue and Chapter 1 Some Kind of Meaning

TS:Fire’s Hope Chapter 2 Introduction

TS:Fire’s Hope Chapter 3 Silverstonarellena’s Hatred

Sign Up:

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