Week 20: Bimonthly Goals March-April 2018

At the beginning of this year I wrote out a very long set of goals I called the “February 14th plan” for much of January and February I tried to keep to that, following an intense editing schedule and though I fell behind, unable to start my plan on February 14 like I planned, I did reach my goals on March 1! Only a week or two off, not bad for self-imposed goals.

So now as I’m looking over my quarterly goal I’m realizing I cannot follow the last two bullets on my goals because of the three big goals I just met. So as anything, it’s time to adjust!

I just hit three big goals!

  1. I finished self-editing FH
  2. I sent my Manuscript to my editor
  3. And I finished writing my 14th book Dragons on Skye!

I am just super excited that I hit all these goals this week! So it’s time to check some boxes off my quarterly goals!

  1. finish self edit CHECK
  2. send FH to CPs CHECK
  3. Start Beta Reading process CHECK
  4. Start professional edit CHECK
  5. Redesign the cover of FH-GETTING STARTED.
  6. Start the publishing process using Lulu.com
  7. step 6 of February 14 plan

As you can probably see, those last two steps are a little too premature.  and step 6 of my February 14 plan involved getting ISBNs, spending  $1000 on publishing and a whole lotta crazy! I’m just not ready for this. So I’m taking it slow, I’m gonna focus on just two months at a time. With some long term goals in sight.

March goals:

  1. pay for editing
  2. redesign the cover of FH
  3. begin rewrites on my second book, Laevatein’s Choice
  4. Blow through edits of FH with a tight schedule
  5. Outline my 15th book, Dark Ice
  6. Finish Beta Reading process

April Goals:

  1. Trip to Netherlands.
  2.  (step back from writing)

My biggest goals for June is to hold a proof copy of Fire’s Hope in my hand by the end of June or early July. Which means through May and June I need to get everything set up from ISBNs, setting up the titles, formatting for print and ebook, and everything! I also want to rewrite my second book, in July, and finalize the self-pubbing process in august. Nothing solid yet, but it’s good to look ahead. In July/August I want to get a pre-sales date, begin an ARC review process, set up a marketing game, do lots of giveaways and contests, and set up a profession Author Website with a domain. I was waiting on the website thing until I was published.

March is all I have solid plans for, and my schedule will figure itself out when I get the first main edit back from my editor, which I received last night! My editor was wicked fast with the first read, so now I need to make myself an editing checklist so I can knock this bad-boy out. I had lovely week off in which I binged Fullmetal Alchemist, cleaned up, reorganized, shuffled some furniture and attempted to draw. Now it’s back to the grind!


Dragons on Skye is finished!!!

Dragons on Skye temp cover

I started writing TS: Dragons on Skye on August 10, 2017, and I finished writing is March 2, 2018 at 11:19pm before 1am which is rare for me. It finishes at 215,251 words and it might have the best ending I’ve ever written!

TS:DoS is my 14th book and my 15th will be called Dark Ice and it will be the second in my Fanir Dragons Trilogy. The third book is not fully mapped out yet, but I have decided it will start with the letter D to fit the other two.

One of the two main characters is 14 year old, Darmis Fanir, who has wings and a tail but still can’t figure out how to transform into a Dragon.


Darrmis - Shadows DoS


Thank you for following me on this journey it really means the world to me.


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