Week 23: The Fanir Dragon Trilogy (Series/Cover Reveal)

I have not stopped writing even though I’m hard at work editing the first Shadows book for publishing, I have 13 other books that have all been written and are in the lineup for publishing! My current writing project is a trilogy about the dragon children of Caelan Fanir.

The titles for this trilogy will be:

Dragons on Skye, Dark Ice, and Dawn in Heaven!

The Fanir Dragon Trilogy will be a New Adult, Sci-Fi/High Fantasy set far into the future and revolving around young teenage protagonists. Even though the characters are a little younger, there will still be a nice flare of Shadows violence from the old books, with swords, bloodshed, torture, and lots of fire!

I finished writing the first draft of Dragons on Skye (DoS) last month, and I’ve just started writing Dark Ice which I’m still in the process of outlining. Normally I have an outline written in advance but with all my efforts in publishing I’ve gotten behind. With a little time fleshing out the outline I now have a usable skeleton for the entire storyline of these three books. A trilogy is new to me since I’m used to doing long series of six to seven books.

TS:Dragons on Skye follows brothers Honi and Darmis as they search for their real parents on the Isle of Skye. They are trouble-seeking young teens, they fight constantly, and they may be the most realistic siblings I’ve ever written. When I first introduced Honi in book 9 (TS:Purification) he was a baby, now he’s almost 15, likewise, Darmis is introduced as a baby in book 13 (TS:Starchild). I have loved developing these characters into slightly more mature people, while at the same time dishing out fast paced and snarky banter. Honi is a daredevil and social butterfly, and Darmis is an introverted empath who is also a bullet magnet who constantly gets hurt.

Darrmis - Shadows DoS

Darmis has just turned 14 in DoS and still hasn’t figured out how to turn into a dragon. He spends DoS fighting to learn how to fly and get a handle on his instincts. Darmis is incredibly emathic, able to sense emotions in people especially if he knows them well. He is easily overwhelmed when people he loves are sad, and uses his brother’s eternal happiness to offset his own pain.


I don’t have a drawing for Honi yet, but he’s a complete happy idiot! I love him to bits. I did not however want to make him incapable of being serious. Honi is incredibly protective of his little brother. He’s optimistic to a fault, and that’s what tends to get him in trouble, always seeing the good in people.



TS:Dark Ice is set five months after DoS. In Dragons on Skye Honi and Darmis discover a poison from the Shadow Realm that can melt things like acid. They learn the blackness in the Realm was caused by this poison but the darkness is fading, the poison is fading away. Now the Overseer sends his brother, Irwin, who has been suffering from depression and needs to keep busy to recover and bury his hurt. In the Shadow Realm, Irwin searches for any sign of life in the scarred and burned world.

Irwin will be accompanied by his twin boys Matthias, and Milo. His younger son, Milo is half-deaf, and completely devoted to his father. Milo sees his father’s grief at the loss of his eldest son and wife, and is determined to help him find some joy in life.

Irwin and his boys will also be accompanied by a new character, a charming and mysterious girl who will help them on their way.


TS:Dawn in Heaven will be 100% high fantasy just like book 11 (TS:Supernova) with a twist! The boys are going to get a little bit more than they bargained for when searching for the secrets of the Realm.


Temporary covers for Dragons on Skye and Dark Ice

Dragons on Skye temp cover dark ice temp cover


Editing Update:

I have received the second read of Fire’s Hope from my editor and I’m hard at work. I’m finding that my preconceived beliefs about punctuation were all wrong, and I use way more British versions of words than I thought I did. Also the vendetta against -ly words is beyond me! YOU WILL PRY MY -LY WORDS FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS!

Okay, back into the bat cave I go, editing away!



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