Week 24: Elfia Haarzuilens and bimonthly goals

Business starts now!

After a nice vacation and adventure in the Netherlands, it’s time to get back to work. Edits on Fire’s Hope are almost complete and I’ve got some big stuff planned for the next two months.

Elfia Haarzuilens

For a long time I’ve had a great friend in the Netherlands who has been dying to get me over for the Fantasy Faire “Elfia Haarzuilens”. Things finally worked out this year! I volunteered for theatre crew at Elfia, which meant I helped with vendor parking and some of the events. And I got to stay on the grounds of Kasteel de Haar in a tent! Of course I haven’t been camping in 10 years. It was loads of fun, I saw thousands of awesome costumes, met hundreds of interesting people, and made a surprising amount of new Facebook friends. I was dirty and unshowered by the end of it, but I was happy. It was an incredible event!

Here’s some pictures!


You can also see me in this video, standing in the bright red and yellow costume at the inner corner of the stage during the costume parade.

Finally while I was away, Jenna Moreci’s THE SAVIOR’S CHAMPION came out! I ordered it while I was in the Netherlands and it arrived while I was still away. I signed up for the release day blitz and unfortunately I was unable to write a blog post I could remotely post while I was over there so here’s the epic bad boy’s shameless promotion!


Isn’t it glorious?! ❤

Bimonthly goals for THE SHADOWS: Fire’s Hope

As I’m getting closer to my projected release date a lot of things are piling up! But first let’s see how I did the last two months.

March goals:

  1. pay for editing (CHECK)
  2. redesign the cover of FH (NOPE…)
  3. begin rewrites on my second book, Laevatein’s Choice (CHECK)
  4. Blow through edits of FH with a tight schedule (CHECK)
  5. Outline my 15th book, Dark Ice (CHECK)
  6. Finish Beta Reading process (CHECK)

April Goals:

  1. Trip to Netherlands. (CHECK)
  2.  (step back from writing) (CHECK)

I think I did pretty good. I’ve been putting off doing that cover for FH which desperately needs an upgrade. I’ve done a little work on it, but I still need to do the art since I’m switching the cover character from Ocie, to Emilie. Also in addition to outlining Dark Ice, I’ve also started outlining my next book Dawn in Heaven! Which is going to be sweet!

Dragons on Skye temp cover dark ice temp cover

Here’s May and June’s ambitious plans:


  1. Finish edits on FH
  2. buy ISBNs
  3. format interior of FH
  4. Women’s Tea Party
  5. write 4 posts for secret project 😉
  6. one undisclosed personal goal


  1. Redesign FH cover
  2. finalize interior format for paperback and ebook
  3. order proof copies
  4. post 4 secret projects
  5. begin planning ARC reviewer scheme
  6. get release date.

A lot of stuff is happening in these two months and I’m praying I can get it all done! But to be fair a lot of stuff happened in April too, going to the Netherlands was one of the most special adventures I’ve had up there next to going to the Isle of Skye! Also as seen above I have a secret project coming which I will announce at the end of May! so stay tuned! Great things are coming soon!

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