Midweek 24: Quickie tag 7-7-7

I was tagged by Patrick Pena on twitter @patwritesbooks to do the 7-7-7 tag. It’s really simple. Go to page 7 of your manuscript. Share 7 sentences. Then pass tag 7 other people.

Easy Peasey!

It was surprisingly hard to decide which one of my WIPs to do this for. The one I just finished, the one I just started, or the one I intend to publish soon here. I’ve decided to go with my first book which I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into lately.

The Shadows: Fire’s Hope introduces Mark Halo. A little overzealous during a MMO raid, Mark’s hands suddenly burst into flames revealing he’s a Shadow. Thrown into the ASH where Shadows are imprisoned Mark begins to understand his place, learns to control his flames, and accidentally picks a few fights. He isn’t there long before he realizes he has a second power which allows him to defy the shield over the ASH which keeps the Shadows imprisoned. Certain he can free the Shadows, he helps them form a plan of escape, uncovering the mysterious death of a Shadow who had attempted to escape, and may have looked strikingly similar to Mark.

His fingers useless at the keys, his hands formed fists, growing tighter and smoldering.

Shouting a curse, Mark slammed his fists on the keyboard harder than he thought he ever could in real life. The screen shut down abruptly, and Mark felt his heart and gut implode as his psyche grasped what he’d done.

Abandoning the game, Gary shrieked and burst up to his feet, “Whoa! Fire!” he cried out as Mark jumped away from the seat.

“No, no! Not my laptop!” he screamed, not sure what he was seeing because indeed his keyboard was on fire, destroying the computer entirely. Before he could think further, Gary had thrown a towel over the flaming laptop and Mark hurriedly patted it down with his hands to try to suffocate the flames. “Oh no, oh no! No!” he fretted, his voice finally coming down before the towel itself on fire.

There you have it, my worst fear being played out in the hands of my main character. My laptop is my safety blanket, it would kill me to break it.

I tag these helpless victims! Alison Haines, Scarlet Oliver, HRR Gorman, Only Dee Brave, Rowan Liddel, Nancy Lumgair, and Morgan Kegan!

Good luck! Hope everyone’s having a great week.

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