Week 28: A Long But Productive Silence

Hello Readers and Writers!

I must apologize for my infrequency of blog posts as of late, I’ve been working hard getting the funds together for publishing and this week is going to be huge! I got a lot of stuff done in the last two months, and thought it felt slower than usual, I hit a lot of my bimonthly goals.


  1. Finish edits on FH (CHECK)
  2. buy ISBNs (THIS WEEK)
  3. format interior of FH (CHECK)
  4. Women’s Tea Party (CHECK)
  5. write 4 posts for secret project 😉 (CHECK)
  6. one undisclosed personal goal (CHECK)


  1. Redesign FH cover (CHECK)
  2. finalize interior format for paperback and ebook (FAIL)
  3. order proof copies (FAIL)
  4. post 4 secret projects (FAIL)
  5. begin planning ARC reviewer scheme (FAIL)
  6. get release date. (FAIL)

June was mostly a fail because everything rested on me reaching my one personal goal, but with that goal in hand, I’m ready to get moving! So a lot of my goals for July are going to be similar to June because everything was put on hold.


  • Buy ISBNs
  • Proofreading for Fire’s Hope
  • finalize interior format for paperback and ebook
  • Order proof copies
  • Draw 6 promo portraits (1/6 DONE)
  • Post 4 secret projects


  • Bree Barton’s D.C. Book Signing! breebarton.com
  • Begin planning ARC reviewer scheme
  • Get release date
  • Begin gathering marketing materials

I’ve got some big plans for Marketing Materials since I have the ability to draw my own work. I’m planning to do six portraits for the main characters of Fire’s Hope, Mark, Kip, Sil, Emilie, Ocie, and Rita, and I’ve already finished the first portrait for Kip, which will me coming very soon!

These portraits will be available as prints and will be part of my preorder campaign in addition to fun bookmarks, bookplates, and other goodies!

I’m also determined to design my own cover, which is considered taboo in the self-publishing circle, but I’m confident with my experience I’ll be able to design one spectacular cover for Fire’s Hope. I’ve already drawn the figure now it’s just some tweaks to the typography and the cover will be complete!

And now the first teaser of the cover of Fire’s Hope!

cover teaser

Does anyone have a guess what character is on the front?

Finally, I have some big plans for this week. I’ve been to my bank to get the money together and I’m finally going to buy ISBNs this week! It’s really happening! my book will be officially registered!

Good things are coming soon, wish me luck!

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