Week 29: Announcement–EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!!!


Hello Writers and Readers!

Last week was awesome! I had a plan, I had the means, I was ready to get it done.

Monday I went to my bank to deposit the money for ISBNs, Thursday after calling my bank I found out I needed a new debit card. Mhmm perfect timing. I drove into town, got a new card, drove back, got on Bowker, logged in my card info, hit checkout and then BOOM!

10 beautiful ISBN numbers in my inbox!

It’s official! Fire’s Hope has ISBNs and is registered on my identifiers! I set up the title on Createspace and KDP, filled out everything for those two sites then I got into contact with a lovely lady I hired to proofread for me. All the boxes ticked! I got to fill in a circle on my bimonthly goals checklist! And I’m able to look forward at some big goals


So here’s what happens now, I’m getting back into blogging only now I’m going to post my Thursday blogs on Sundays. And come August, I’m planning starting something big for my platform. It’s going to take a lot of work to get going but I have a secret project, yes my friends, I am diving into Youtube!


Next week I’m going to finish up checking the proofread for FH, then after sending it over to my critique buddy for one last round of final checks, I’m going to call it done!

Formatting Interior:

I’m going to finish formatting the interior of the print version and the ebook. I’ve been doing a ton of research on how to do this as well as deciding on some styling I’m going to do for the inside.

Cover Design:

After that’s done I’m going to resize and tweak the cover image to get the wrap and ebook version finalized and that’s when I’m going to reveal my cover! I’ve already shown it to a small test group, but if you have any experience in graphic design or cover design and would like to give me some input, shoot me an email. Contact Me

cover teaser


I’m already hard at work drawing 6 portraits of the main characters of Fire’s Hope including: Mark, Sil, Kip, Rita, Ocie, and Emilie. Once these portraits are finished I can then get to work turning them into promotional images, prints, posters, bookmarks, bookplates, mugs, shirts, and other swag for giveaways and goodies!!!


For the cover reveal I will be announcing my first giveaway, and launching a newsletter. All you’ll have to do to be entered into the giveaway is to share the cover of Fire’s Hope on social media and send me a link to where you shared it no matter how many times. Each share is one entry, and your name will be put into the drawing to win some of the first Shadows merch!!!

So stay tuned for when I announce the cover reveal! It should be coming closer to August.

In other news, I have a working release date for Fire’s Hope!!! An actual date!! so Mark (inadvertently capitalizes) your calendars!

November 6, 2018

Thank you for following me on this weird idiots guide to self-publishing. It’s been a journey and we’re finally getting close to the finish line!

(also, I just met my word goal for the day–dies in a hole–I just ticked an arbitrary box by writing a blog.)

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