Week 33: Bimonthly Goals and Pre-Release hype!

It’s that time again!

Hello Readers and Writers,

If there’s anything I’ve been able to stay consistent with, it’s keeping up with my bimonthly goals. Journalling has become a part of my everyday schedule and I can’t live without my little book. I’m really looking forward to September and October because fall is my favorite season and it will mark my first whole year of blogging. Even if I didn’t manage to blog every week, I still feel pretty accomplished.


 July-August Goals!


  1. Buy ISBNs (Check!)
  2. Get a proofreader for FH (Check!) I got the lovely Kimberly Carter www.carter-editing.com to proofread for me. She was very fast and gave my book baby the oomph it needed!
  3. Finalize interior format for paperback and ebook (Check!) this is a pain in the butt! but I managed to do it with lots of research, stress, and looking at other traditionally published books to mimic them as much as possible and FH looks gorgeous!
  4. order proof copies (Check!) I’ve gotten two proof copies so far and as you know, I cried when I got the first one.
  5. Draw 6 promo portraits (Check!) Working on the sixth it will be done later today


  1. Bree Barton’s DC book signing (Check!) big fat awesome day!
  2. Begin ARC reviewer scheme (Fail!) this is the only fail of this whole two months so I feel really good about it.
  3. Get release date (Check!) NOVEMBER 6!!!!
  4. Gather marketing matierials (Check!) I’ve been working tirelessly to create marketing images, portraits, bookmarks, business cards, and other fun goodies for upcoming giveaways!
  5. One more proof (Check!) Ordered, coming tomorrow, this should be the final check!


September-October Goals!


  1. Make FH live for pre-order ebook (going live September 1!!!!)
  2. Order ARC copies and stickers
  3. Increase following on Instagram
  4. Send out ARCs
  5. Preorder giveaway materials
  6. Put away money for LC
  7. Do fall bucket-list items


  1. Make FH live for pre-order paperback
  2. Hard Marketing
  3. Pre-sale giveaway
  4. Send out giveaway winners
  5. Connect with a subscription box
  6. Make final revisions
  7. Order personal stock

FH promo image 3

The Ebook version of Fire’s Hope is going to be available for Preorder this Saturday, September 1!!!

And remember if you pre-order Fire’s Hope, be sure to sign up for my pre-sale giveaway, putting your name into the lot for some goodies! I’ll provide all the information as soon as FH goes live!!!

I’ve got a lot of promo images to share around coming very soon, so stay tuned, all I have left to finish is the 6th character portrait!

All the best to my fellow Readers and Writers!

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