Laevatein’s Choice Release Date!


LC comes out:

September 1, 2019!

TS:Laevatein’s Choice is literally weeks away!

This book has been a ride and I’m so amazed with how fast this process has been! After Fire’s Hope took me 8 years from writing the first draft, and 2 years from deciding to really get it out there, getting out my second book in under a year just blows my mind!

Fire’s Hope came out on November 20, 2018 with a couple hiccups, the paperback didn’t go up until a few days later, but ultimately it was a beautiful accomplishment! As soon as the book was out though, I took the week off, enjoyed Thanksgiving with family, got a nasty cold–because go-figure–and started rewriting LC!

I don’t know what it is, but I write really well when I’m sick. We were in the middle of Nanowrimo and I think I was about aligned with the 23k goal so I thought. yeah, I can do 30k in like a week and a half, no problem. I didn’t hit 50k in November, but I hit it December 1st, so I’m counting it as a win. I logged my words and in 16 days I finished the rewrite at 90k!

I gave myself the rest of December to rest then dove in to beta reading and self-edits through the winter, and started professional editing in late April. I had an amazing time working with my Editor Victoria Miller and Proofreader Brandon Crowther, and as of August 4th, LC is done and ready to go!

This timeline has been a ride. I didn’t even know I was capable of getting out a book this fast, so here’s to breaking that record many times over in the years to come!

Book Tour

I’ve had the amazing opportunity this year to do not one but two book events right after LC comes out, so if you’re in the Northern Virginia area please feel welcome to come!

book tour promo

I’m hoping to do lots more book signings in the future at the various events in my area but I just feel so lucky to have these two back to back upon LC’s release!

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