Welcome Back to the Shadows!

Hello friends!

It’s been a while! I’ve taken a little break due to the current situation in the world, but it’s time to get back into action. There’s a lot of new things coming and I’ve done a small revamp of the website to now include space for you to buy books directly from me!

You’ll see the price is slightly higher than Amazon only because it includes the price of shipping. But each book will come signed and dedicated, and you can support me directly which is always great for us indie authors. But if you can’t afford a shiny signed paperback at this time, guess what! From July 1st, to July 5th 2020, both of my books are on sale at $0.99! So now’s your chance to read them and support me by leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads

I’m also offering some new services. As many of you know, I’m also an artist and I love designing book covers, so for the first time I’ll be offering book cover commissions as well as other design related services. If you or someone you know might be interested in hand drawn marketing materials please don’t hesitated to think of me and shoot me a message. 

Book 3 Update

I always knew book 3 of the Shadows was going to be a challenge and I got very lucky with the process of rewriting and editing book 2. It was truly amazing that I was able to get it published in under a year, and the love and effort put into it really shows. Halo’s Rag Doll will be no different, I aim to put every bit of care and effort into this book as my other two, even if it takes a little longer. But the good news is, even though HRD might be delayed, the next book after it will be a breeze just like book 2 was. 

Social Distancing has been very good for my writing. Over the course of this crazy year, I have already completely rewritten book 4 and started self editing it a bit, though HRD is my main priority. I’m going to continue going hard on these books for as long as my self-isolation persists! 

So where is Halo’s Rag Doll at? Right now, after some very hard critique from my beta readers, whom I appreciate a lot. I’m going to take a step backward and do some more rewrites. It’s always hard to take criticism of your creative work but in this case it was entirely valid, and I’m sure these rewrites will result in a better adventure than I first imagined. 

After rewrites are complete I’ll do another round of beta reading with some new beta readers (and maybe some old ones), just message me if your interested. it’s always good to get your name on the list in advance. 

Black Lives Matter!

With all that’s going on in the world it’s more important than ever to form communities of people we love and support. So I’d like to take a moment to speak out on behalf of our black and LGBTQ+ siblings who are hurting in the world. Being a part of a large family inspired a sense of community in me from a young age. And Found Family is a strong building block in the person I’ve grown to be. Just like the Shadows feel most whole when they are together, I believe we humans need to belong, to give, and to share, and our primary drive as human beings is to create a safe space for people to thrive. If the ASH had a manifesto, that would be it. The premise of the series has always intended to represent marginalized characters and how they adapt to a world that is not built for them. For this reason I support the Black Lives Matter movement, and I’d encourage you to support causes for change in your country’s policing practices. I may not have a huge hand in changing the world, but I hope to inspire young readers to fight strongly for the rights of their family on this earth, all humans, animals, and the environment. 

Thank you all so much for the support I’ve gotten so far on this journey. We’re only two books in and I already feel like we have a little Shadows family forming. 

I hope you’re all having a lovely summer!

Stay safe out there! 

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