The HRD cover is here!!!

Coming January 2022!

Aaaahhh I worked so hard on this beast! Kip has such a soft little face, and once I decided he’d be on the cover the whole concept fell together quickly. Hop over to Instagram to see the teaser I put together for the Cover Release!

Kip, Mark, January, New, Sil, Emilie, and Rita

I’ve also revamped my desk setup since moving to Florida, with a few nice new things to match the HRD aesthetic, including a shiny new rainbow keyboard which I’m typing on now. The Clicky keys are so satisfying ❤

I love living on my own. I’ve got some bomb-ass internet, a safe home for my computer, with way less random power outages and angry roommates. Leaving that house and my home state have helped my mental health a lot, and it’s definitely fast-tracked editing HRD and getting a move-on with my upcoming books. Without the stresses of roommates and family, who knows what I’m capable of!

Thank you all so much for your patience in between books. More good things to come very soon!

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