After 3 years, the editing process is done

Halo’s Rag Doll:

Dumb superpowered teens romping around in the woods burning shit

I just finished the final proofread of HRD! I know… the edits are never really done. I still have to read through it one more time, and format the ebook, then format the paperback, I have to finalize my cover file with the final final page count, then do a final final final pass to make sure it’s perfect. Then upload it to amazon, running it through their god-awful system and inevitably make some final final final final adjustments. The day shall arrive! And if anything goes wrong I’ll be making those last minute final final final final final tweaks.

This book was hard. 2019 was a whirlwind and I still don’t know how I managed to sling out Laevatein’s Choice so quickly, but after the release died down and it was time to buckle down and knock out HRD, not only was I hit with writer’s block but also the the winter blues. New years came with resolutions that “This will be my year” and that was swiftly crushed by the pandemic. On the bright side I can say HRD is my pandemic baby.

I didn’t work on HRD through 2020. I was battling family drama, and trying to find a safe place for myself. I entered 2021 quietly, and got myself out of that situation. Now I’m in Orlando! In this beautiful little apartment, and it’s finally (6x) time!

So while I spend my weekend frantically rustling through HRD for imperfections, I’ll offer you some of my current songs, that have gotten me through this mess! Enjoy!

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