5 more days!

Pre order Halo’s Rag Doll here

We’re so close now and I’ve got so fun surprises planned for the release. I’m hosting a huge giveaway on Tiktok. The lovely Jaimi of Kitty Korner Creations made six unique pieces of jewelry for each of the characters of Halo’s Rag Doll. I have tons of art and post cards, and I’m giving away 3 indie books from Tiktok authors: Becca Fogg, Ellie Holland, and Jolene D. Campbell!

Finally I will be giving away 6 (you heard that: Six!) ultimate collection boxes that will include a copy of Halo’s Rag Doll, a piece of character jewelry, bookmarks, post cards, and a print of the cast of HRD! That’s nine whole prizes. If you don’t have a tiktok and still want to enter to win a copy of HRD, comment on this post and I’ll enter your name into the drawing.

At long last! HRD is ready to meet the world! See you in 5 days!

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