Shadows Characters (Nova’s Love Teaser)

Mark Halo | Shadow Fire

Mark is hotheaded, overzealous and sarcastic, a little too quick to anger, and just wants to protect the Shadows. Cautious after what happened to him, and still healing from the incident in Laevatein’s Choice, Mark is reluctant to go looking for a powerful Orchestrator even though they seem to be reaching out to him in the Realm for help. Just about fed up with not getting answers, Mark won’t hesitate this time, even if he has to burn a path to the truth.


Kip | Shadow Shot

Kip is sweet and gentle, and riding off Mark’s adrenaline to make himself stronger. He’s been cooped up in the ASH even though the Shadows are free, and now is his chance to go on an adventure with Mark. He knows the risk, but he’s determined to be treated like any other Shadow, even though the mountain air is getting the better of him, and he’s coming down with a bad cold.


Sil | Shadow Frost

Sil watched his friend nearly die, and as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, the experience scarred him as much as it did Mark. He’s used to being the cool-headed leader, unflinching when Mark does something dumb, but now, he’s terrified something like that could happen again. While Mark’s trauma manifests as protective instincts, for the first time in his life Sil’s whirling thoughts have left him feeling helpless, and lost in his head, searching for some peace.


Emilie Meyvise | Shadow Feather

Emilie has changed. Something happened between her and her parents but she’ll never provide any details, not even to Sil. Her eyes turned red, and her hair is darker and dipped in blood, she wants everyone to think it’s her sadism, mimicking Mark and trying to appear violent and unapproachable, but she doesn’t actually know why. And it’s not just her appearance, her whole Shadow has been affected. She sees and senses things no one else does, but she’ll play those cards close to her chest, when they can do the most damage.


Rita | Shadow Teleport

Rita is keeping her distance, her misplaced trust got Mark hurt, and even though she cares about Mark, staying away is the only way to make up for it. Mark’s just not interest in her, and she pressured him, she’ll harbor that guilt alone for the rest of her life, but she’ll search for some relief in the Nova Kimberly promised her.


January Halo | Shadow Ignition

SPOILERS FOR LAEVATEIN’S CHOICE! January is still getting used to the Shadows. He’s no closer to finding his memories, but Keller is helping him put together some of the pieces. Right now he’s just caught up in the wild adventures Mark finds himself in, and he’s learning to enjoy life through his son’s eyes. He still has questions, but he’s content with the answers he’s found so far.


Kimberly | Shadow Love

Balancing keeping the Shadows from destroying her kitchen and helping Keller with his record keeping, Kimberly is still grieving the death of her adoptive child, clinging to that pain. The Orchestrator has called out to the ASH for help, and she insists they have to help. What is it about this powerful Shadow that has pulled Kimberly into her motherly role again?


New | The First Nova

They/them. New is the first nonbinary character in the Shadows, and the introduction to the Novas. They are kind and curious, a little overwhelmed with the new world around them, but eager to help guide the Shadows on their journey.

Irwin | Shadow Blaze

Irwin grew up very isolated in the ASH’s infirmary and was widely referred to as “The Recluse”, those who knew him would describe him as a bit socially awkward. He learned to read very young, and was wildly intelligent for his age, experimenting with Shadows and Infusions to create the first real treatments for his D-Shadow, the illness which eventually took his life. However, Irwin’s death is still shrouded in mystery, and after Mark’s encounter with the Orchestrator in Halo’s Rag Doll, he’s more than convinced Irwin is still alive.

Nova’s Love update!

Beta reading is complete, and I have my work cut out for me, incorporating beta feedback, and beginning the self editing process which I’m very excited for. There’s just something about getting out the red pen and the highlighters that brings me life! I don’t have any active estimates for when this book will be done cooking, especially with a shake-up in my life (again) but I think it’s doable to have it done within the year, hopefully around Christmas. That would be great because Nova’s Love is set around Christmastime, and it’s a bittersweet love-letter to family traditions as that family grows apart. I’ll probably be sharing my family’s traditions and other prompts around the time of the release.

Also high on the docket is my book trailer! I had the absolutely enormous idea to do an animated book trailer, (because apparently I like pain). I haven’t animated anything since I was 14 during my days on ye olde Flipnote Hatena–totally outing myself I know. But I’m confident in my art ability, and if I can pull this off it’ll be the coolest and the biggest art project I’ve ever done! I even have a music producer lined up, so this is going to be epic!

As you can see ClipStudioPaint is finally paying itself off. These 3D models are the best thing ever.

Thank you to everyone who’s kept up with this insanity thusfar, these projects are always such huge endeavors but I’m living my dream, no matter how much work it is. Your support means everything to me ❤

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