Space Hiraeth – Escapism Playlist for Winter Depression

Something about this time of year, the cold of winter after the holidays when the magic has worn off, brings me back to the Space playlist I made last year. Maybe it’s my attempt to stave off the seasonal depression, seeking a little wonder. I sink back into those songs about leaving, flying away to a distant, hopeful place through the cold of space, the darkness of endless nights, waiting to touch down on a better world.

I still haven’t found a story for this character, Sola, she represents a longing, a waiting period, sorrowful for what she’s left behind as she flies away.

Updated COSMIC ADVENTURES playlist.

  1. Thomas Bergersen – Apollo, Cuising in Space, Made of Air, One Million Voices
  2. Aurora – Dance on the Moon, A Different Kind of Human/Mothership, A Little Place Called the Moon
  3. Lindsey Stirling – Stars Align, Firefly, Artemis
  4. Over the Moon – Ultraluminary, Rocket to the Moon
  5. Cosmic Love – Florence and the Machine
  6. Starglide – Muzz
  7. Solar Eclipse – Before you Exit
  8. Telescope – Tennyson
  9. Supernova – Ivan Torrent
  10. Space Oddity – David Bowie
  11. Magic Me – Imogen Heap
  12. Space Girl – Frances Forever
  13. Levitating – Dua Lipa
  14. It Gets Dark – Sigrid
  15. Meltyland Nightmare – Harumaki Gohan
  16. The Loneliest Time – Carly Rae Jepsen
  17. Runaway to Mars – Talk
  18. Outer Wilders
  19. End of the Universe – Scramble
  20. Solar Waltz – Cosmo Sheldrake

Previous drawing of Sola

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Shadows Book 4: Nova’s Love Update!

The red-pen phase of editing is complete so I just need to incorporate edits into my main document which unfortunately was on my Shadows USB drive that got fried this past September. It was a major blow to my outlines and I can’t get to about 2 years of work. I have a service looking at it right now and it might be salvageable. I’ll know in a few weeks. It sucks to deal with but I’ve also got a lot on my plate right now, trying to save up for editing, animation software and another trip to the Netherlands. The book trailer is coming along nicely, though it’s still an ambitious, huge project. Drawing Sola again was a nice palate cleanser. As soon as the book trailer is done I’ll get to work on the cover of Book4, which I already have a clear plan for. The original cover I did in my teens is still a great concept and I’m just going to redraw that. I’ll do a dedicated blog post to the cover like I did for HRD when the time comes. Still aiming for a Christmas 2023 release.

THE SHADOWS is available on Kindle and Paperback!
Fire’s Hope | Laevatein’s Choice | Halo’s Rag Doll


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