NOVA’S LOVE UPDATE – Professional Edit Begins!

Yes you read that right! Nova’s Love is moving into the next stage! I spent a couple months combing through the self edit and it’s finally pretty enough to say I’ve done all I can, it’s time for a new set of eyes! I’m beyond excited for this book!

My last year did not go as expected, winter is always rough on my mental health and last summer kept throwing curveballs at me, but I’m finally back on track! So now the baby is into my Editor’s loving hands and I can relax until it’s time to go through the edits with her. Until then I’ve got a mountain of art projects I want to get done. Some website changes coming soon, as well as the launch of my YouTube channel with the Book Trailer!

Take a deep breath! Book 4 will be here soon!

THE SHADOWS is available on Kindle and Paperback!
Fire’s Hope | Laevatein’s Choice | Halo’s Rag Doll


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