About E. Kathryn

elfia small (2)Writer, Illustrator, musician, humanesque creature who doesn’t get enough sunlight and lives solely on tea, E. Kathryn started writing The Shadows when she was thirteen years old. Brought up in northern Virginia with her six siblings and tons of animals, she was homeschooled and given the freedom to write to her heart’s content. When she’s not writing incessantly, E. Kathryn enjoys drawing, playing the violin, and collecting and consuming way more tea than she needs.

In addition to writing and illustrating, she is also an amateur violinist. She loves Celtic fiddle music, Lindsey Stirling, and classic hymns. Music is how she lives and breathes. Some of her favorite artists are AURORA, Thomas Bergersen, Of Monsters and Men, and Porter Robinson, also anything with a mellow beat she can write to.


Contact me on the socials!

Facebook | Instagram | DeviantArt Twitter | Goodreads

You can also contact me at E.KathrynsShadows@gmail.com

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