Halo’s Rag Doll

Beta Reading

Rewriting HRD involved a couple road bumps. The plot of this book is much bigger than Fire’s Hope and Laevatein’s Choice and I’m determined to streamline this wild ride into the most exciting journey yet. The whole concept behind HRD when I started it way back when was to send the Shadows on a hike, inspired by hiking Old Rag. 

So after another round of rewrites, and an overhaul, it is ready for another round of beta reading.

The book falls at 149k words and will be broken into 6 parts of five chapters with questions at the end of each chapter. You are not expected to edit but if you do find any nagging typos I would appreciate it if you marked them.

TS:HRD summary

There’s smoke rising in the distance, do you think we should check it out?

A powerful Shadow of Fire has called out to the ASH for help, displaying what appears to be Orchestrator powers that aren’t tied to Hope, Strength, or Trust. This Shadow got that powerful just by continuously using the Realm! And Mark realizes he’s not the only Shadow of Fire, he’s one of five. Not sure whether this is a legitimate cry for help or another trap, Mark is reluctant to take the lead on a hike out to Old Rag where the smoke is coming from. Mark’s one concern is keeping everyone safe, getting answers comes second to that. It is debatably a welcome change. However, with Sil struggling with his mental health, and Kip hiding his deteriorating physical health, Mark is stretched too thin to lead them on his own, and his father, January, might be on the brink of finally getting his memory back. Not sure where to go, or how to be a leader, Mark accepts the guidance of the innocent and empty-headed New, the first Nova!

In this rewrite the previous 6 Novas have all been merged into New, to spend more time developing their character. The sequence where Mark gets his wings has been switched around to give Sage some spotlight and dive into Physical Shadows for a bit. But much of the book remains the same aside from all the main chapters with Novas, and the wings arc. The climax has also been smoothed out a bit more, adding a deleted scene with Mark and January back in.

This book falls into the YA category with most of the characters around 14-17 years old, it includes disturbing visuals, depictions of anxiety/panic disorder, and contains mild language (i.e. hell, “oh my god”, arse, shit). I always strive to keep my books appropriate for young readers and if any instances of language seem excessive, I will rely on beta feedback to make changes in removing them.

If you’re on the fence and want to know more about The Shadows

Fire’s Hope And Laevatein’s Choice are both available on Amazon for kindle/kindle unlimited and Paperback!