Week 27: Character Anarchy

Why characters won't do what I told them! I like many have experienced this, you're trying to write a gripping story, and your stupid characters want to do their own thing! They won't follow the outline. Come on guys, follow the outline! But they just won't listen. The cynic in me says, "stop talking to … Continue reading Week 27: Character Anarchy

Week 26: Solo: A Star Wars Symphony

As a long time Star Wars fan I reacted to the announcement of Solo with skepticism and worry. Like many fans I'm under the belief that we don't need backstories for anything! But when the first trailer for Solo aired my mind was pleasantly changed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPEYpryMp2s It took one thing: Click. Click. Bwwooooshh... What I saw in … Continue reading Week 26: Solo: A Star Wars Symphony