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The Shadows have three abilities: one unique power, the ability to enter a distant Realm and communicate through it, and one inert understanding of a human trait.

A little overzealous during an MMO raid, Mark’s hands suddenly burst into flames revealing he’s a Shadow. They’re dangerous, powerful, and contained in a hidden facility covered by a shield known as the ASH. Mark can’t possibly be a Shadow, but he’s still thrown into the ASH like just another monster.

Afraid the fire will consume him, he clashes with the icy Shadow, Silverstonarellena, certain he’ll live out the rest of his days imprisoned and paranoid of angering his roommate. Still, he holds onto hope that he’ll be able to escape and return home, but it might be more complicated when he finds out he has the power of an Orchestrator named Shadow Hope, allowing him to pass through the shield and free all the Shadows.

Even if he is some powerful Shadow, why didn’t he know? Why wasn’t he taken to the ASH at birth like the rest of the Shadows? And why won’t anyone give him straight answers? He fights to trust the Shadows. Even though he wants to help them, he fears there’s an even bigger mystery unraveling when he uncovers the suspicious death of a Shadow who had attempted to escape and may have been his doppelganger.

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As much as Mark wants something grand, a conventional adventure just isn’t coming. He has powers! Maybe he was expecting something a little more exciting, like a superhero’s job, fighting crime in New York City, or some quest. But at the end of the day—all day, every day—he’s just a fifteen-year-old kid who can’t do jack, even with his powers. 

Stuck between two worlds—one of Shadows, bewitched objects, and running off to find trouble, and the other of his parents’ possible separation—Mark is desperate to find a distraction. Until he meets Geoffrey James, a weapons enthusiast and physical trainer who agrees to teach Mark swordplay. However, blindsided by his addiction to adrenaline, Mark might not be able to help or protect his family from real danger. 

Across the state, Mark’s cousin Emilie also feels trapped by the need to take care of her chronically depressed mother who is barely able to provide for herself. Emilie stifles her desire for flight, freedom and even happiness now that she’s out of the ASH. And then, her father comes back into the picture, offering to pull her mother out of despair, no strings attached. Emilie can’t trust him and does all she can to find proof of his true motives. 

Mark and Emilie find themselves on parallel journeys of discovering their place in their families and take their first step deeper into the vast world of Shadows outside the ASH.

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There’s some smoke rising in the distance, do you think we should check it out?

A powerful Shadow of Fire has called out to the ASH for help, displaying what appears to be Orchestrator powers that aren’t tied to Hope, Strength, or Trust. This Shadow got that powerful just by continuously using the Realm! And Mark realizes he’s not the only Shadow of Fire, he’s one of five. Not sure whether this is a legitimate cry for help or another trap, Mark is reluctant to take the lead on a hike out to Old Rag where the smoke is coming from.

Mark’s one concern is keeping everyone safe, getting answers comes second to that. It is debatably a welcome change. However, with Sil struggling with his mental health, and Kip hiding his deteriorating physical health, Mark is stretched too thin to lead them on his own, and his father, January, might be on the brink of finally getting his memory back. Not sure where to go, or how to be a leader, Mark accepts the guidance of the innocent and empty-headed New, the first Nova!

Series Order of Books:

The Shadows is three series of books following three sets of characters. The first series has six books.

  1. Fire’s Hope,
  2. Laevatein’s Choice,
  3. Halo’s Rag Doll,
  4. Nova’s Love,
  5. Trust’s Anticipation,
  6. Stealth,
  7. and Strength’s Conflagration.

The second series has seven books,

  1. Precognition,
  2. Nostalgia,
  3. Purification,
  4. Kindred’s Lies,
  5. Supernova,
  6. Restoration,
  7. and Starchild. 

And the third series is a trilogy of:

  1. Dragons on Skye,
  2. Dark Ice,
  3. and Dawn in Heaven. 

Solo Books

  1. Predecessors–William solo book
  2. Frosted Flowers–Iszeldier and Nymph solo book
  3. Unnamed Ira solo book
  4. Geode–Jason solo book
  5. Memoraria–January solo book

This is the order in which I intend to publish The Shadows with several art books in between. It’s going to be a long ride but let the adventure begin!