As a writer and an artist I love seeing my characters come to life! Here are some of the drawings I’ve done to illustrate The Shadows. 



Ice Dragon Antics




If you would like me to illustrate your characters I’d be happy to! Just send me an email at

Concept sketch:
Light details, flat shading, full body $20


With shading: $30


Full detail, high quality, simple background $50-$75
Prices may vary based on the work intensity of a drawing, such as detailed clothing or hair.


  • Email me with a brief description of your character and their appearance.
  • send me images to base your character off of. ex. Clothing styles, models, weapons,
  • files will be provided in PNG or JPG Format
  • Original Characters only. (no fanfiction characters or fanart, but if your character is heavily based of an existing character provide references to distinguish it)
  • I do not draw any NSFW content
  • payment will be received through Paypal. I will send you my link after we’ve discussed the content and pricing
  • Any visual references are acceptable and needed!
  • Multiple characters for concept sketches +$15 (25% off)
  • Multiple characters for Busts +$25 (50% off)
  • Prices for busts may vary up to $75 for extra details such as complicated clothing, tattoos, and hair.

Email me at