Week 21: Writing Rituals Tag

Hello Writer's and Readers, I'm sorry for the inconsistency with Blog posts lately, I've been putting my all into editing FH's hope (AFRICKINGAIN) and I'm now on draft #4. I have been watching tons of writing videos in search of inspiration and I found this lovely tag by Kim Chance and Mandi Lynn and I thought … Continue reading Week 21: Writing Rituals Tag

Week 13: Obsessive Organization-Excessive Notebooks!

Welcome back! Today we're going to talk about Organization tips for writers. I recently reevaluated all my writing goals for 2018, and let's just say I should stop calling them "writing goals" and more "editing goals" because there's not a lot of actual writing in this plan. I've written so many books I need to … Continue reading Week 13: Obsessive Organization-Excessive Notebooks!