Week 17: Book Haul!

Until recently I've never been much of a book collector making good use of my local library whenever I wanted to read a book. I'm also a big believer in Audible.com, and the ability to listen to books usually makes me understand them better. But on January 30 Kim Chance's debut novel "Keeper" hit the … Continue reading Week 17: Book Haul!

Week 13: Obsessive Organization-Excessive Notebooks!

Welcome back! Today we're going to talk about Organization tips for writers. I recently reevaluated all my writing goals for 2018, and let's just say I should stop calling them "writing goals" and more "editing goals" because there's not a lot of actual writing in this plan. I've written so many books I need to … Continue reading Week 13: Obsessive Organization-Excessive Notebooks!