Laevatein’s Choice Release Date!

LC comes out: September 1, 2019! TS:Laevatein's Choice is literally weeks away! This book has been a ride and I'm so amazed with how fast this process has been! After Fire's Hope took me 8 years from writing the first draft, and 2 years from deciding to really get it out there, getting out my … Continue reading Laevatein’s Choice Release Date!

Week 26: Solo: A Star Wars Symphony

As a long time Star Wars fan I reacted to the announcement of Solo with skepticism and worry. Like many fans I'm under the belief that we don't need backstories for anything! But when the first trailer for Solo aired my mind was pleasantly changed. It took one thing: Click. Click. Bwwooooshh... What I saw in … Continue reading Week 26: Solo: A Star Wars Symphony