Mark - FH promo - ShadowsMark Halo | Shadow Fire

Mark is hotheaded, overzealous and sarcastic, a little too quick to anger, and just trying to not get trampled by the other Shadows. He can be obsessive and overprotective at times when he’s not quite sure how things are done around the ASH. The stark opposite of careful, Mark has a bad habit of charging into things without thinking them through, and sometimes gets a little overconfident.

Kip - FH promo - ShadowsKip | Shadow Shot

Kip is sweet and gentle, and very quick to take Mark’s side and show him around the ASH. Although Kip would never hurt a fly, his Shadow to control the phase plasma could take the roof off a building like a laser if it wren’t for the ASI shield protecting the whole ASH. He becomes Mark’s first friend in the ASH, and though he’s open to answer all Mark’s questions, he’s clearly ignorant or hiding something.

Sil - FH promo - ShadowsSilverstonarellena | Shadow Frost

Sil becomes Mark’s immediate rival in the ASH, set on teaching Mark how to control his Shadow while constantly threatening him. Sil is cold and decisive, brutally honest, and prepared for almost anything, but within Sil’s cold exterior he hides love and loss in his heart, holding dearly to brief memories of his family.

promo Emilie fh - shadows jpgEmilie Meyvise | Shadow Feather

Emilie is Mark’s spunky and mysterious cousin who doesn’t have a care in the world for the thoughts and well-being of others. Emilie is as cold and cruel as Sil is, but she can be quite nasty when she feels threatened because knowing she is Mark’s cousin, fills her heart with dread and painful longing to know her mother.

Ocie - Promo - ShadowsOcie Keller | Shadow Marine

Ocie always manages to be calm and collected even though she buries a lot of pain in her heart. She is far more powerful than she shows others and is humble in everything she does. Mark is completely enamored by her gentle grace, and clear purpose in life, and sees her as his only hope of retaining his former self.

Rita - promo - ShadowsRita | Shadow Teleport

Rita’s thick accent and way with words keeps everyone tripping up. She came to America from her homeland in Scotland when she was young and got scooped up by the ASH like some fugitive and has been trapped ever since. She’s loud and competitive, and not afraid to smack Mark when he puts his foot in his mouth.


Keller | The founder of the ASH, Keller is a soft spoken leader and father figure to everyone, but Mark can’t find a way to trust him since Keller is stealing the Shadows at birth and trapping them here. With his wealth of knowledge about the Shadows comes many secrets, weakening the Shadows’ trust in him.

Kimberly | The nurse and cook of the ASH, Kimberly loves the Shadows but is troubled. She tries to be kind and care for everything, but after the loss of her child she was never the same. Struggling to bury her hurt, Kimberly can’t accept that her child is gone.

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