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Writer, Graphic Designer, Artist, Humanesque creature who doesn’t get enough sunlight and lives solely on tea, E. Kathryn started writing The Shadows when she was thirteen years old. Brought up in northern Virginia, she drew inspiration to write from the forest and the creek in her backyard. When she’s not writing incessantly, E. Kathryn enjoys drawing, playing the violin, and collecting and consuming way more tea than she needs.

Found Family is a strong building block in the person I’ve grown to be. Just like the Shadows feel most whole when they are together, We humans need to belong, to give, and to share, and our primary drive as human beings is to create a safe space for people to thrive. Regardless of Race, sexual orientation, gender, neurotype, age, and ability, all are welcome in the Shadows.

For Graphic Design inquiries: e.kathrynsshadows@gmail.com

THE SHADOWS is available on Kindle and Paperback!
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