Nova’s Love

At long last the fourth installment of The Shadows is underway! Mysteries have been building in the previous 3 books and it’s finally time for the big reveal! Beta Reading is closed! So Nova’s Love is entering the self-editing phase, and my hope is to have this baby out by Christmas.


Kimberly’s been planning something with the Nova’s, she sent the Shadows out on a wild goose chase to the mountains so they’d be out of the way while she completes her experiments. Mark and the Shadows have just returned home in an attempt to share a normal holiday season but tensions are high between his parents, and Mark’s anger at the situation is boiling over. It’s this moment, that Kimberly contacts him, to let him know her experiment is complete, she just needs his help with the final piece. All is going according to plan, when the creation of this Nova goes horribly wrong. Hijacking Mark’s anger, the Nova is on the loose, driven by violence, and wearing Mark’s face, with all the same powers as him! Mark has to scramble to find the Nova before they hurt someone!

This book explores the impact of anger and its necessity to the healing process. Anger is often portrayed as a bad emotion, and the only way to find healing is in blanket forgiveness, “forgive and forget” when in reality that toxic positivity can often worsen the harm and trauma caused by burying your emotions. A great majority of this book takes place in the perspective of the Nova of Anger, and his own process through grief and trauma mirroring Mark’s journey. It’s been so fun for me as a writer to dive into these perspectives and mess this the reader’s perception of who to root for.

THE SHADOWS is available on Kindle and Paperback!

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