The Balance of Rest and Creation

Book four is done by the way.

I know I just published book three, it took me from the end of 2019 to the end of 2021 to be ready, it was a nightmare-and-a-half but it’s finally out there and I’m so happy with it. But while I was madly procrastinating about editing my third book, right before the pandemic hit, I was doing a lot of Cafe crawls, spending the majority of my days off in various B&N cafes, or other college hangout spots, and before 2020 shut everything down, I wrote almost the entirety of book 4.

It’s done now, somewhat polished for a second draft, and I’ve already finished 4/6 of the beta docs. Right now I’m still riding the high of a newly published baby in my hands, flipping through his little pages and smelling that newborn book smell. I’m excited for the next one, but I’m sorely needing rest.

Just know that when The Shadows: Nova’s Love kicks into gear, it’s gonna be fast!

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