Fliers and the Psychology Behind Powers

I have recurring flying dreams. Almost every night I find myself in a situation of chase in which my method of escape is usually up high through the trees, deep into the forest in the hopes of eventually losing someone. There’s a moment of freedom and vertigo in having the strength to get up into the air, then the search for something to jump off of.

It’s no secret that if I could have any superpower in the world it would be flight and that’s why my self-insert character Emilie has this ability. See my dive into the self-insert character here. There is a reason this power is so attractive to people, it’s the ability to escape from all responsibilities, it’s complete freedom with seemingly no consequence. Of course the moral of most escapist fantasies is that one’s obligations do eventually catch up with them, and that theme is incredibly evident in both Emilie’s character, and the character of Sydona Wilder in Laura Mae’s debut novel Fliers.


61-k0glj8elFight and love without fear

As descendants of fairies, fliers were an old, forgotten species who appear human but could fly without wings. They lived peacefully amongst humans for several decades until a secret government agency developed new technology that allowed experimentation on fliers and discovered how to make ordinary people fly. Not sitting back and accepting the news, Sydona Wilder and her fairy Raoul, set out to find the agency and put a stop to the capture of the rare species. But Sydona will have to fight her own battles of facing her dark past and learning how to trust people again.

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I’ve had my hands on this book for a while and it caught my eye solely because of the premise of flying without wings. On a spur of the moment, I decided I was going to finally read it and I tore through this lovely short read!

Meaning Behind Powers

I try to be very intentional with each of my characters and the powers I give them. Their personalities must mesh with the ability even before I start writing about them. (The one exception being Shape-shifters but they mess up everything in Shadows)

For example:

Fire represents impulsiveness and anger, one who makes quick judgements and can tend to be stubborn. Aside from Mark, I have many characters with fire. One of which, Kip, takes on the attributes of the sun, warm and benevolent, a force for life and survival, but ultimately very dangerous by nature even if it’s not intentional.

Ice represents seclusion and reservedness, characters who protect themselves by hiding behind a mask of some kind. Be it a bright smile, or a scowl. Sil pushes people away and seems rude and mean, but is actually very shy and deeply feeling. Another character, Iszeldier (who comes in book 8) puts on a friendly persona and a desire for new friends and a new start in order to hide from his past.

Flight as stated above represents escapism, running from something in some form or another. Both my characters Emilie and Rita fit this description. But I want to take a look at Sydona in Fliers.

At the start of the book Sydona is reserved and protective when we have yet to see her ability to fly. She is most open at home, around her fairy friends, and has come to have some trust in the people she lives around. However within pages of us seeing the extent of the magic in this world, we see Sydona is running and has been for a long time. Her house is the illusion of roots, she’s a flier in the in-universe sense and a literal one.

Sydona is also impulsive and a bit revenge driven. Having lost her family at a young age and now having the confidence and power to live on her own, she very hastily decides it is her responsibility to put an end to this injustice.

I’m not going to compare the two traits listed above as fire and ice, as much as it is a little fitting. Sydona also has two other traits inside her, a rage and impulsiveness that takes the form of green eyes, and fear and compassion that manifests as auburn eyes, and I believe those are the sources of her other traits.

Upon meeting another Flier we are introduced to the full force of the flight psychology in both Sydona and her new tag-along Giovonna. Running from obligations. It becomes clear through Gia’s bubbly nature that she is using Sydona to run away from her adoptive family and to feel some sense of freedom. Sydona provides this for her immediately and unintentionally despite being reluctant. Sydona brings with her what she is being chased by, her paranoia and flightiness. We finally see what Sydona is running from and then we finally receive our flying dream.

In chapter five the visuals were seamless for me, I saw every flying dream I ever had and I experienced Sydona and Gia’s flight through the trees. Dodging branches, pushing themselves further up into the forest, running away from something audible and visible. They get caught and the reader’s fix of flying is severed. The chapter is intense and surreal!

There are a lot of references to dreams as a look into Sydona’s psychology throughout Fliers but I especially appreciated the scene in Chapter Eleven about Silas’ Butterfly dream, which is another analogy for flying. The visuals in this adorable scene really struck a chord with me and it’s among the scenes I dog-eared in this book.

Take away

I’m not going to run down the whole book as I have yet to finish reading it myself, but it’s clear to me that grabbing this book was the flying fix I needed. At a time in my life when I find it so easy to slip out of my responsibilities, looking for ways to run away, flight is the hit of joy and freedom that makes the problems feel like people chasing you from a hundred feet below. I am untouchable.

I try to journal a lot, and I’ve begun incorporating my flying dreams into my journal to relate them to my experiences and worries. My desire to fly usually corresponds to something I’m avoiding, work, my family, responsibilities, and though they manifest in fantastic and fun dreams that I don’t want to wake up from, the important thing to take away is recognizing that the dream is a sign I need to make myself face something.

When feeling the urge to fly, say no, and instead go for the harder path of getting things done, and pushing through the storm. 

Fliers Series

I’ll try to post a review soon as I just closed up Fliers, and it was an awesome ride. I’m super excited for the sequel Sparrows which comes out June 25! (Which is like really close to my birthday xD)


Sydona Wilder and her fairy Raoul, are back as they join the Sparrows rebellion group to fight the National Fliers Association. Even after the supposed death of the NFA leader, Dr. Malik, the experiments still continue.

[…] Her new mission is to eradicate the remaining camps and free her people. As she becomes more entwined with the Sparrows, she discovers a world of politics and betrayals where the only one she can trust is herself.

I don’t know much about this book yet but I frickin love how dark it looks! So far Fliers is a pretty light and fun read which was my goal with Fire’s Hope. And my goal for Laevatein’s Choice is to take a dark turn with the story and it looks like Sparrows is going to do the same!

Laevatein’s Choice

cover temp LC temp coverIf you’re interested in Beta Reading TS:LC, I’m still open for beta reading until the end of May. Shoot me a message by email at ekathrynsshadows@gmail.com or on Instagram @e.kathryns_shadows

I’m still working on the official cover for LC, just a few more things and then it will be done and it’s looking so sparkly! Must… add… more… sparkles!

LC is currently in the hands of my editor, the amazing super awesome Victoria Miller, who was one of my proofreaders for Fire’s Hope.  LC will probably be finished with with the main edit at the beginning of June, at which point depending on the state of things I may do another beta read, or go ahead in searching for ARC readers for this book. I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m thinking sometime mid fall, hopefully not as late into November as FH, but who knows yet!

LC Cover Sneak Peak:

LC cover draft wip

Useless fact of the day: I have a character named Skyelum Spero Hawkin. So his name is like Sparrow and I don’t know why that’s funny to me.

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